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It's not just a's a Miracle. 

A product with remarkable healing effects available from Todd Farms.


What is it about emu oil?  Well, we're not completely sure.  What we do know is the fat from this bird long treasured by the residents of Australia produces an all-natural oil that is highly compatible with human tissue and promotes healing, reparatory and cosmetic effects.  The great thing is there are no known side-effects.


Many of you probably remember the commercial from years ago where the announcer said "I'm not just the President of Hair Club for Men, I'm also a customer"?  Well, the same is true for our emu products.  In fact, the reason Todd Farms first got involved with HOPCO (the producers of our emu products) was as the result of Joe Todd's open heart surgery several years ago.  Joe had been told that emu oil would prevent scarring.  So, he began applying the oil to his surgical wound and today has no scarring from the open heart surgery.


Dewey Todd is also an avid user - here is his story.  "I suffered from intense scalp itching and flaking from the beginning of my teenage years.  It was not only embarrassing, but painful at times.  When I joined the air force, following basic training in Texas, I wound up at Lowry AFB in Denver, Colorado, where the air was thin and dry.  My skin got so bad I had to go to the base clinic.  I was diagnosed with severe Seborrheic dermatitis.  The patchiness around my nose and eyes was so severe and painful it affected my life tremendously.  The Air Force doctor prescribed Hydrocortizone Cream for my face and tar shampoo for my scalp.  The cream helped, but the shampoo did no good.  Over the years I continued to use Hydrocortizone, until I found it would eventually hurt my liver.  Then the dermatologist began switching me to different "chemicals" like Elidel.  I finally found myself using a cream that cost $475 per TUBE, but it was still a chemical with known side effects.  So, I decided to try Emu Oil.  Guess what?  No more dermatitus!  Not only that, after I rub it into my face, I rub my hands together and it has reduced the callouses and roughness to my skin.  I now bath with Emu soap, use the oil and whenever I have that troublesome ache or pain, I rub in the Emu therapeutic lotion for great results."


Here are the products we sell and their purposes. All of these can be purchased in our store (Headland, Alabama) or online by going to the tab above called "Shop".  Todd Farms also guarantees these products - if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your purchase price.

Emu Oil - This product is very healty and helps control or reduces symptoms from skin conditions like dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema, and acne.  It is also effective with healing burns, reducing scarring, wrinkles, age spots and stretch marks.  It is also helpful with pain from arthritis.


Miracle Therapeutic Relief Formula - This product contains pure emu oil, combined with Capsaicin (a natural product derived from peppers and gives them their "heat" qualities) and menthol and eucalyptus.  Rubbed into painful areas (muscular or joint) the Capsaicin opens the pores of the epidermis and allows the emu oil to penetrate to the tissue or joints and rapidly relieves the pain. 


Lip Therapy - Do you lick your lips constantly?  Believe it or not, the enzymes in saliva to break down food are actually detrimental to your lips.  This lip balm works to restore dry, cracked lips and also helps in the healing process of fever blisters.


Emu Skin Cleansers – We have men’s and ladies’ foaming facial cleansers, women’s skin scrub and avocado foot scrub.  These exfoliators combine emu oil’s skin remedy with effective exfoliating elements for smooth, clean, oil-free feeling skin.  Our cleansers also include emu shampoo and bath & body gel.


Special Emu Solutions – We also provide Total Nail Care that includes tea tree oil (to help repair cuticles and nails), Feet Remu (for dry, cracked heals and callouses), miracle burn gel (for blisters, burns and sunburn) and massage and body lotion for a phenomenal smooth skin – great for massages or following a bath or dishwashing.  Inner Relief Emu Oil has been claimed to provide relief from gastronomical distress, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

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