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Grandpa Nate Isler was a talented man - he owned a gristmill, he ran a trotline, he made syrup, and he roasted his own coffee.  He regularly walked to the Ozark depot to buy a 25 pound bag of quality South American coffee beans and carried them back home where he carefully roasted them himself.  Last year we worked for several weeks with a local El Salvadoran family (Headland Roasting Company) to create a new coffee to honor Grandpa Nate.  We take high quality 100% Arabica beans and spray them with Todd's Syrup.  Once the syrup dries, the beans are roasted, which burns off the sugar, leaving a delightful light flavor in a medium roast coffee.  It has a wonderful non-bitter flavor and really has our restaurant customers bragging about the taste!

Todd's Cane Syrup Coffee

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