The Todd Family spends all year nuturing its patch of beautiful green sugar cane.  In the Fall, the cane is stripped (removing the leaves) and topped, then carefully cut down.  After running through a roller press mill, the extracted juice is filtered.  Some is bottled for drinking, but most is cooked into our delicious golden syrup products.

For decades, farm families have understood the need for food preservation.  Todd Farms continues that tradition by canning some of the best jellies (such as our unique watermelon jelly), pickles (just taste our crispy, sweet cucumber pickles) and relish (no hot dog is complete without Todd's Squash Relish). 

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  Jelly, Pickles & Relish


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Todd's Sweet & Tangy Barbecue Sauce has been described as "The best I ever tasted" by sauce makers and official barbecue judges.  We also bottle our own organic peppers into a delicious pepper sauce.  And, now, Todd Farms is introducing a delicious new tomato-based salsa and other sauces for dipping.

   Sauces & Salsa

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Cane Juice & Syrup